September, 13, 2019

In Yaroslavl, the ALL-RUSSIAN COMPETITION OF BALLET DANCERS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS in the nomination “modern dance” is being held. The competition is attended by artists of two age groups in the solo and duet categories. The competition will also present a large-scale out-of-competition program dedicated to the Theater Year in Russia. From September 13 to 18, 2019, both venues of the “Millennium” concert and entertainment center in Yaroslavl will host exhibitions and concerts, film screenings and lectures, creative workshops and master classes, as well as business events. For guests of the Competition there will perform dancers of the Bolshoi Theater, Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre, Theater named after Natalya Sats and other dancers from leading theaters of the country. As part of the competition, an exhibition of ballet photography by Alexander Pankov “Dance – So Close and So High” is working..

On September 13 “Millenium” hosted the Grand Opening. The program included the evening of the one-act ballets “Transcription of Color” and “Equus”, performed by the Moscow Ballet Theater.

On September 14, the artists of the Theater named after Natalya Sats will perform ballets of the Russian seasons “Scheherazade”, “Les Sylphides” and “Polovtsian Dances”.

September 16 will present The Gala concert of modern dance with the participation of artists of the Bolshoi Theater, Moscow Art Theater Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko etc.

In addition, lovers of choreography will be able to attend screenings of films dedicated to ballet. September 14 offers “Empire of Ballet” by Dmitry Semibratov, September 15 – famous “Bolshoi” by Valery Todorovsky, September 17 – “After You” by Anna Matison. All films will be shown at the cinema hall of “Millennium”.

This year a rich educational program for contestants and professionals is carried out by honored artists, choreographers, teachers and critics.

Choreographer, teacher, dancer, author of educational programs, Ekaterina Stegniy implements the creative laboratory “Method of group resonant composition”, created on the basis of European programs for studying modern dance techniques. Throughout the competition, laboratory will work with the contents on the process of conscious creating of the movement and its meaning, will get acquainted with the concepts of “solo resonance” and “resonance in a group”.

Elvira Pervova, member of the jury of the Competition, artistic director of the Skrim Dance Theater, will hold a workshop “Contemporary dance”; member of the jury of the Competition, director and choreographer of the “Eccentric Ballet” Sergey Smirnov will tell the participants about the composition at his master class; Pavel Glukhov, an artist of the modern troupe of the Moscow Ballet Theater and the New Ballet Theater, will teach modern choreography techniques.

Researcher, lecturer and dance playwright Katya Ganyushina will give a series of lectures entitled “The Practice of Conceptual Thinking”. Participants will learn how to structure and correctly use the choreographer’s ideas. Dance historian, dance critic, member of the advisory board of the Golden Mask National Theater Award Ekaterina Vasenina will give a lecture “Typology of Russian Performances”, which will analyze the types of contemporary dance performances in Russia for specific examples. Jury member, choreographer, director Alexander Pepelyaev will talk about an interactive video in a dance performance.

The business program of the Competition includes a roundtable “Another Theater” with the participation of experts from the Ballet magazine (September 18 at 14:00) and the Assembly of the International Federation of Ballet Competitions (September 16 at 12:00)

For reference:

The first All-Union competition of ballet dancers and choreographers was held in Moscow in 1965. Over the years, the jury was headed by such famous choreographers and dancers as the Igor Moiseev, Yuri Grigorovich, Peter Gusev, Sofya Golovkina

In 2013, an initiative of the revival of the best traditions of Russian choreography and the All-Russian competition of ballet dancers and choreographers was made by an outstanding figure in modern ballet art Yuri Grigorovich. The founders of the event are the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Organizer – “ROSCONCERT”


August, 30, 2019

The Grand Prix

Gabrielle Figuiredo (18) – John Cranco School of the Stuttgart Ballet, Germany


1st place: Grace Carroll (15) – Tanya Pearson Academy, Australia

2nd place: Yazmin Verkhazh (16) – Ballet School of the Basel Theater, Switzerland

3rd place: Arianna Crosato Nyumann (16) – Danzaira Professional Ballet School, Peru


1st place: Junsu Lee (16) – Korea National University of the Arts,

South Korea

2nd place: Francisco Gomez (15) – Academy of Annarella, Portugal

3rd place (coopers):

Joaquin Gaubeka (16) – Keri Ballet Conservatory, North Carolina,

USA / Argentina

Harold Mendez (17) – Cuban Ballet School in Sarasota, Florida, USA

MEDIUM GROUP (12-14 years old)

Youth Grand Prix

Darrion Sellman (14) – Los Angeles Ballet Academy, California, USA


1st place: Rebecca Alexandria Hadibroto (12) – Malupi Dance Academy, Indonesia

2nd place: Ava Arbuckle (14) – Elite Classic Coaching, Texas, USA

3rd place: Madison Brown (13) – Lenz Dance Studio, Florida, USA

Young men 1st place: Misha Broderick (13) – Ballet Academy Master, Arizona, USA 2nd place: Andrei Jesus (13) – Bale Jové De São Vicente, Brazil 3rd place: Seungmin Lee (14) – Sang Hua High School of the Arts, South Korea JUNIOR GROUP (9-11 years old) Junior Grand Prix Corbin Holloway, Citidans School and Conservatory, Maryland, USA Girls 1st place: Marta Savin (11) – Dance Planet, Romania 2nd place: Ksenia Kosava (11) – Ballet School Vezhnovets, Belarus 3rd place: Natasha Furman (10) – Dance Studio Not Your Ordinary Dancers

Girls 1st place: Marta Savin (11) – Dance Planet, Romania 2nd place: Ksenia Kosava (11) – Ballet School Vezhnovets, Belarus 3 place: Natasha Furman (10) – Dance Studio Not Your Ordinary Dancers, New Jersey, USA The boys 1st place: Mathis Laevens (10) – Raymond Ballet Ballet, Belgium 2nd place: Kai Sato (11) – Ballet Academy Y, Japan 3rd place: Aiden Jones (10) – Indiana Ballet Conservatory, Indiana, USA


14litlThe competition was attended by 170 young performers from 14 countries. Participants competed in three age groups: Juniors A and B, Senior group. Each group has two nominations – boys and girls, men and women.

The jury consisted of 11 people from South Korea, Russia, China, USA, Belarus, Mongolia, Poland, Great Britain and Japan. Chairman of the Jury Xin LILI – Artistic Director of the Shanghai Ballet. The competition was held in three rounds. In the first and third rounds, works from classical ballets were performed, and in the second round – contemporary choreographers. The results of all three rounds were summed up, and this amount of points was the final evaluation of the performance of the participant in the competition. Based on the results of the secret ballot, the jury distributed the prizes and awards as follows:

Juniors A (boys)

1st Prize – Jun Hyoung Yoon (South Korea)

2 prize – not awarded

3rd Prize – Do Hyon Kwon (South Korea)

Diploma – Seong Un Choo (China)

Juniors A (girls)

1st Prize – Hirata Arisu and Shoda Noa (both Japan)

2nd Prize – Na Neul Kim (South Korea) and Ye Jin Choi (China)

3rd Prize – Min Koung Kim and You Jung Jung (South Korea)

Juniors B (boys) 1st Prize – Gyeong Ho Kang (South Korea) 2nd Prize – Hyun Mo Koo (South Korea) 3rd Prize – Davi Gabriel da Silva Franco (Brazil) diploma – Ivan Matveev (Russia) Senio Group (Signora) Men 1st Prize – Stanislav Olshansky (Ukraine) and Sun U Lim (South Korea) 2nd Prize – Yuri Vybornov (Russia), Se Yong Kim, In Gym Baek (South Korea) 3rd Prize – Chang Hui Lee, Hyung Jun Ju, Ji Won Park (South Korea) Women 1 prize – not awarded 2nd Prize – Julia Moskalenko (Ukraine) 3rd Prize – Chinbat Duurenjargal (Mongolia), Yu Jeong Choi, Joo Mi Jang (South Korea)


13In Berlin, from February 14 to February 18, 2019, annual TANZOLYMP FESTIVAL – COMPETITION took place, and the INTERNATIONAL DANCE CONTEST-FESTIVAL WAS HELD IN KIEV in March 11-13, 2019. The results of these competitions – members of the International Ballet Federation contests will be announced in the 4th issue of the Ballet magazine.