We are proud to announce the winners of the International Ballet Competition “Città di Spoleto”

Spoleto, Italy,  2-8.04.2016

  • Male Grand Prix : Ildar Tagirov (Russia)
  • Female Grand Prix : Boris Nikita (USA)

Classical Section group А Juniores

First Prize: not assigned

Second Prize : not assigned

Third Prize: Lorenzo Lupi (Italy)

Classical Section group B Juniores

First Prize: Steniushkin Ruslan (Russia)

Second Prize: Baskaev Taimuraz (Russia)

Third Prize: Boris Nikita (USA)

Classical Section group B Seniores

First Prize (ex aequo): Dungyt Subedei (Russia) Batyrova Diana (Kazakistan)

Second Prize: not assigned

Third Prize: Dukiyeva Anar (Kazakstan)

Pas de deux Section

Juniores Category First Prize: Boris Nikita – Valentine Justin (USA)

Seniores Category First Prize: Alekseeva Natalya – Imura Tetsuia (rep. of Buryat – Russia)

Modern Contemporary Section, juniores

First Prize: Zannella Leonardo (Italy)

Second Prize: Arrichiello Paolo (Italy)

Third Prize and Memorial “Annalisa Angelini” : Zucchegni Rebeca (Italy)

Modern Contemporary Section, Seniores

First Prize: Tagirov Ildar (Russia)

Second Prize: Fiorani Matteo (Italy)

Third Prize: Gentili Virginia (Italy)

Coreographic Composition

Classical Neoclassical Section, special mention to: Iavarone Antonio (Italy)

Urban Dance Section, special mention to: Marisa Ragazzo (Italy)

Modern/Contemporary Section, special mention to: Napoli Giovanni (Italy)

Modern/Contemporary Section, First Prize: Scalambrino Alessandra (Italy)

Critic’s Prize: Dunghit Subedèi – Fornaciari Gabriele – Napoli Giovanni

Summer Stage at Russian Ballet College of Genova: Squicciarini Elena, Dottore Elisa, Lupi Lorenzo

Advanced course at Russian Ballet College of Genova: Dungyt Subedei

Semifinal direct admittance to MAB (Maria Antonietta Berlusconi) Prize: Iavarone Antonio

Contract with ACSI Ballet for a Canada tour, offered by Dino Carano: Zucchegni Rebeca