October 2020 – Международная федерация балетных конкурсов

Month: October 2020

Participants of the Gala concert

Results of the contest “Arabesque” Perm 2020

Participants of the Gala concert
Participants of the Gala concert




FIRST PRIZE (girls): not awarded

FIRST PRIZE (boys): not awarded

SECOND PRIZE (girls) divided between: Snigur Victoria (Russia, Perm), Tovtyn Diana (Russia, Perm)

SECOND PRIZE (boys): Ivan Sorokin (Russia, Moscow)

Ivan Sorokin
Ivan Sorokin

THIRD PRIZE (girls) divided between: Daria Chugunova (Russia, Perm) and

Maxeva Juliana (Russia, Perm)

Maxeva Juliana and Rasmus Algren
Maxeva Juliana and Rasmus Algren

THIRD PRIZE (boys): not awarded


Anastasia Kaplina (Russia, Ufa)

Bogdan Pleshakov(Russia, Moscow)

Shishkalova Tamila (Russia, Voronezh)


FIRST PRIZE (women’s): not awarded

FIRST PRIZE (male): Shamkeev Kubanych (Kyrgyzstan)

SECOND PRIZE (female): Wakabayashi Liri (Japan)

Wakabayashi Liri  and Shamkeev Kubanych
Wakabayashi Liri and Shamkeev Kubanych

SECOND PRIZE (male): Dangit  Subedei (Russia, Kyzyl)

Dangit  Subedei
Dangit Subedei

THIRD PRIZE (female) divided between: Chris Alexander (Russia, Moscow) and

Kamilla Ismagilova (Russia, Kazan)

THIRD PRIZE (men’s) divided between:

Algren Rasmus (Finland)

Safin Marat (Russia, Perm)


Natalia Pivkina (Russia, Moscow)

Natalia Pivkina
Natalia Pivkina

The Ring Kseniya (Russia, Moscow)


to the Best partner who did not participate in the competition:

Yuri Vybornov (Russia, Moscow)

Teacher-tutor for the preparation of the contest participant:

Tatiana Predeina (Russia, Chelyabinsk).

Special prizes and prizes:

EKATERINA MAKSIMOVA and VLADIMIR VASILIEV PRIZE for the best duet of the competition: not awarded

The award named after GALINA ULANOVA for the spirituality of dance:

not awarded

PRIZE GEORGE ZORICH “Dancer for purity of technique and artistic execution”:

Shamkeev Kubanych (Kyrgyzstan)

PRIZE of a name of NATALIA DUDINSKAYA “fidelity to traditions of Russian ballet school” founded by Duo Margarita Kulik and Vladimir Kim:

Perm state ballet school (Russia, Perm)

Diaghilev house prize “Hope of Russia”:

Ivan Sorokin (Russia, Moscow)

Marius Petipa PRIZE “for the purity and academism of classical dance”. Provided by Globex Promotion production company (General Director Aidar Shaidullin, Moscow):

Kris Alexander (Russia, Moscow)

Algren Rasmus (Finland)

ballerina GALINA RAGOZINA PRIZE for “the youngest finalist of the competition”:

Diana Tovtyn (Russia, Perm)


PRIZE OF THE JURY OF THE PRESS: Leary Wakabayashi (Japan) and Shamkeev Kubanych (Kyrgyzstan)

DIPLOMAS of jury of the press: Ivan Sorokin (Moscow, Russia) – for elegance and musicality in classical dance

Natalia Pivkina (Moscow, Russia) – for artistic performance of the classical repertoire

Avetisyan Mushegh(Russia, Moscow) – for the creative development of the traditions of Russian classical ballet



“Arabesque-2020” Competition

There were some more important changes in the form and dates of the upcoming “Arabesque-2020” Competition. Please, see below.
The long-awaited Anyuta, our competition opening premiere, will happen on October 24, live in theatre and online. Spectators will take seats in accordance with the purchased tickets in a chess seating arrangement.

On October 25, while Round I, the audience will be seated in strict accordance with the chess seating arrangement only in the circle, dress circle, and upper circle. Places in the stalls will be provided to the members of the jury, press jury, guests and participants of the competition, with all precautions being made for them not to intersect.
From October 26, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Perm Territory, competitive rounds and the gala concert will be held behind closed doors, without the admission of spectators. Our dear spectators, please, pay attention that there were changes in the competition’s schedule. Now, Round I will take place on October 25-27. On October 28 and 29 we will see Round II. The final round will be concluded in one day, on October 30. Contemporary choreography competition will take place on November 1, and November 2 and 3 are dates reserved for the closing ceremony and galas of laureates.It will be possible to watch competition and support participants online. The broadcasts will take place on the theatre’s website https://permopera.ru , YouTube channel and on the theatre’s official VKontakte page.