International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP (Germany, Berlin) – Международная федерация балетных конкурсов

International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP (Germany, Berlin)

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The International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP is held in Berlin on annual basis under the motto “Dance as a global language“ and gives participants the opportunity to meet other young people from all over the world in workshops, seminars and competitions.

The main aim of the Festival is to support and increase the popularity of dancing. Besides an international exchange exploring the different forms of dance aesthetics and artistic styles, the Festival will provide an insight into the spectrum and variety of dancing. The crowning event of the Festival will be the international gala where the best solo artists, duos and groups/formations, winners of TANZOLYMP of the preceding years will receive the opportunity to perform before a public audience. For the future it is planned that an International Dance Company will be formed, consisting of chosen participants and winners of the previous year.


The purpose of the International Dance Festival and the International Dance Company is to bring dancers, students and teachers and noted celebrities together in a professional way and to create new impulses for the development of international dancing.

Алексей Бессмертный Oleksi Bessmertny -artdirector худрук конкурса Director: Mr. Oleksi Bessmertni